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You are welcome

You are welcome to One voice Gospel. That you have logged on to this site is not an accident. It is a positive proof that God has a great plan for you. Moreover, you can find out information on the happenings in the kingdom dynamics and how you can be a part of this assignment. Keep Coming Back. Go and Win With JESUS. - Bamidele Gopel

Physical things are fixed and their manifestations are also fixed, for example, the sun is fixed and the light it gives is also fixed. Spiritual things are fixed but their manifestations are not fixed, for example, love is fixed but it's expression is not fixed. Physical things can be studied because their manifestations are fixed. Spiritual things can only be known by the SPIRIT because their manifestations are not fixed.

A virtuous woman not only cares physically for her home, but she is also a “watchman" over the emotional and spiritual condition of her family 

(Prov 31:27).


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    November 17, 2013

    Just because God attaches great value to faith, He sets out to purify it in the melting pot of trials. However we are given an assurance: He only does it "if need be" (read 1Peter 1:6).

  • Website Launched
    December 1, 2013

    Seeing through the eye of sight will give information while seeing through the eye of understanding will give growth.

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Raising The Standards

Is only when the Spirit has conquered us, that we can also conquered by the Spirit, the life of flesh. Determination to live the life of the Spirit is not enough but, more also is to reckon indeed ourselves dead to flesh producing sin and never waver in this confidence that we are alive to God through Christ Jesus our Lord - Bamidele Gospel

Steps For The Future

Must of human wisdom to extort people is a mere coverlet for the absence of vital godliness. The gospel is nothing to them cleverness is their idol. Bamidele Gospel

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Waiting in His presence eventually leads to recognizing His moment. When God presents a clear divinely given opportunity, act on it!

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May my prayer like incense rise before You; the lifting of my hands a sacrifice, Oh Lord Jesus, turn Your eyes upon me for I know there is mercy in Your sight.Your statutes are my heritage forever; my heart is set on keeping Your decrees, Please still my anxious urge toward rebellion.. Read more